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Training Session Packs

Training sessions are the best option for someone who may just want someone to put them through a challenging workout, help them improve basic form, develop a new skill, or maintain basic accountability. 

Sessions do not expire for 12-months. You can train with me as needed, developing your strength and skills over the course of a year. Together we can develop your squat form, increase your 1-RM for bench, or master pull-ups.

My availability is limited to nights and weekends. Please contact me for specific times. Click price below to purchase your training sessions.

One-on-One Sessions

  60-min 30-min
Single $70 $35
5 Pack $325 $165
10 Pack  $600 $300

Partner Sessions - For two clients with similar goals, each client must register separately.

  60-min 30-min
Single $35 $18
5 Pack $165 $80
10 Pack $300  $150

Small Group Sessions - For 3-4 clients with similar goals, each client must register separately. 

  60-min 30-min
Single   $25 $12.50
 5 Pack $110 $55
10 Pack $200 $100
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Training Program Subscription

This is the perfect package for someone who is confident in their abilities, habits, and skills but needs help creating a structured program to optimize performance and results. This program can include weights, bodyweight, bands, cardio, etc. based on what equipment is available to you, your individual needs, and your goals.

Your program will be delivered through a training application on your iPhone/Android prescribing  exercises, reps, and sets along with instructional videos on how to perform each exercise in the program. This is a monthly subscription and can be canceled any time. 

This subscription includes:

  • Personalized program delivered through training app
  • Initial assessment in-person or online (30-minutes)
  • Bi-weekly phone check-ins with online coach (15-minutes)
  • Unlimited messaging through training app
  • New and/or updated programs every 4-6 weeks based on feedback/progress

Click here to sign-up now for only $50 per month!

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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching is a total health transformation program that guides you through important—yet sustainable—changes in your eating and lifestyle with help from a coach. As a client you'll learn how to eat better, ditch the food rules, build fitness into your life, and achieve/maintain your goals. You'll lose the weight/fat, build physical strength and confidence, gain mental confidence, let go of food confusion, and experience peace of mind that comes with a clean bill of health.

As a client you will receive a customized nutrition program with customized portions/macronutrients based on your needs and goals. You'll have me as your coach to answer your questions along the way. We'll also schedule weekly check-ins where we will evaluate your progress and make adjustments as needed. Six week, twelve week, and six month options available. 

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Hybrid Coaching Programs

Trainerize Application

Hybrid training is an approach that combines both in-person and online training. At a minimum, we'll meet weekly in-person or online for training and/or nutrition coaching. 

Using the Trainerize application, we'll stay connected in between sessions to maintain accountability. I'll prescribe workouts, nutrition goals, and daily habits to help you progress towards your goals.

The biggest part of your success will be based on what happens between our sessions, but compared to a week of sessions you'll pay a fraction of the cost.

For many clients, the cost of paying for a trainer 3 to 4 sessions a week is unaffordable. Add the additional cost of nutrition coaching and it seems like it's a luxury only available to the wealthy. That's where hybrid training can help.

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